Pop-up Groups

Looking for an opportunity to dive deep into biblical issues or common life topics?
Look no further than Pop Up Groups!

Join one of our Pop Up Groups!

 Led by experienced facilitators, these groups provide a safe and welcoming space to explore these important issues. Pop-ups provide an opportunity to ‘deep dive’ into biblical issues or common life topics with others in a safe and welcoming environment.

The What & How of Pop-ups

woman reading book

They are short-term connect groups that meet weekly to discuss specific books and topics. They may occur each term lasting between 4-8 weeks.

All that is required is that you:

  • Commit to regular participation
  • Purchase the relevant study material (usually around $20 or less)
  • Do your part to prepare each week by pre-reading/watching so you can participate.

Pop-up groups run each term. We will announce them well in advance. Click the above button or scan QR code at Next Steps desk to join. 

Pop-up groups are an excellent way to build relationships and to learn more about the bible and Christian living. The small group setting allows for more meaningful discussions and feedback. Plus, they are often a lot of fun!


Send a message to the Youth Team and they will get in touch shortly.

Join one of our Pop Up Groups

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