A Bigger Table. A Better Story. A New Way to Live.

A Place to Belong While You Work Out What You Believe

A Bigger Table

Creating a place where anyone can belong 

Our vision is to see lives restored by being a church where you can belong while you work out what you believe. Setting A Bigger Table is a key part of that strategy. It’s all about fostering a culture of belonging and inclusivity in a world that can sometimes feel exclusionary and divided. We truly believe that everyone deserves a place where they can find acceptance while exploring their own beliefs and brokenness. At this table there is room for doubt and questions. There is room for grief and pain. There is also room for joy and laughter. A Bigger Table is a reminder that you are welcome in God’s family. 

A Better Story

Unpacking the Good News

Telling a Better Story is the next piece of our strategy. It’s all about exposing people to God’s Word and especially the teachings of Jesus. We want people to hear and see that the story of Jesus is Good News and a better story than we have been led to believe. We’ve all bought into some story, some narrative about God and ourselves and how it all works.  Jesus invites us to trust a better story.  

A New Way to Live

Inviting people to live The Way of Jesus

And finally, we want to teach people a New Way to live because we believe the Way of Jesus is the best possible way to do that. That’s why we focus on inviting and helping people to live like Him and not just believe in Him. He is the benchmark. So, no matter who you are, no matter where you are on your journey – some faith, no faith, confused faith –  you are welcome to join us in trying to live a life that is Good News to our world.

The Church Is Us

People, not a building or a service